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I am a Beginning and Intermediate level Personal Session Provider

Work with Ari

A Hybrid Approach

While I offer healing support to anyone who feels called to work with me, my emphasis is for the state of Oregon where I have grown up and live. Using a virtual platform, This allows you to work form the comfort of your own space with more flexibility and time options. I love empowering my clients to live the life they want while I do the same. Psychedelic therapy can bring about a lot of change, and as I support you with your changes, I am following the changes that are happening on my path too.

Somatic Therapy


Psychedelic Journey's

In Oregon Only

Psychedelic Prep and Integration


Why I don't Accept Insurance

Paying for therapy gives you more power and control to decide who you work with, and for how long and removes limitations and restrictions used by health insurance companies.

While paying for therapy out of pocket has a cost, there are several benefits of not using health insurance to utilize therapy.

Here are some reasons:

  • It can be difficult to find...

    • A therapist who takes your insurance.

    • A therapist with a specialty to meet your needs.

    • A therapist with who you feel a connection with.

    • Insurance companies require a diagnosis.

    • By not using insurance, a diagnosis is not necessary, which could otherwise be recorded in your medical records with diagnosis and/or pre-existing conditions.

    • Insurance companies may limit the number of therapy sessions allotted to you

Somatic Experiencing 


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