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Psychedelic Prep and Integration Support 


Integration is the secret key to lasting transformation in Psychedelic therapy. Integration is the process of taking the most important lessons from a psychedelic experience and learning how to apply them to daily life. Integration is about further processing the challenging emotions or trauma memories that can come up during the journey experience so that you can move forward in the healing process.
Without integration, old pathways and patterns can reemerge. Psychedelic experiences can be extremely challenging, and what some people label as “a bad trip” is often lacking the proper integration tools to process the experience. Others may notice discomfort in the body or slower recovery as a result of trauma resurfacing. Without proper integration, these confusing body cues can be missed opportunities for healing.
Integration therapy with the use of Somatic Experiencing before and after the psychedelic experience can support neural plasticity and recreate new thought and behavioral patterns and sustain clinical gains in treatment.

Psychedelic Harm Reduction

Planning on Journeying yourself? Or have you had any difficult psychedelic journey's in the past? Ari is here to support all aspects of your journey process. This includes but is not limited to supporting preparation and intention setting, offering harm reduction information for journeying, supporting post journey integration sessions and continued healing support. 

Past Difficult Psychedelic Experiences

If you have had a difficult journey experience in your past, this can be held and supported today using the Somatic Experiencing process. Relief can be found, and healing can be acquired even years after such an experience.  


Ari is trained and certified as a psilocybin facilitator through InnerTrek's Oregon Certified training program. 

I Shine Healing in no way promotes, condones, or facilitates the use, purchase, sale or transfer of any illegal substance nor does Ari Shine or I Shine Healing encourage or condone partaking in any unlawful activities. The material on this website is strictly for educational and harm reduction purposes only. By engaging with I Shine Healing you are agreeing that Ari Shine and I Shine Healing take no responsibilities for your actions. If you are choosing to take psychedelic substances, please do so responsibly.

Ari is here to answer any questions and inquiries.
Please reach out for a 20-30 minute FREE consultation.
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