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Understanding Psychedelic Therapy
3 Steps to Healing

1. Preparation


Imagine you decided to climb Mt Everest. What's the first thing you would want to do? Prepare! Absolutely. Preparation is key to your success. In the same way, psychedelic therapy is also a trek, only it's an internal journey instead of external. Taking the time to properly prepare is an important step for positive outcome.

You are your own unique individual, with a unique story to tell. You have specific needs, beliefs, feelings, hurts, past history and experiences different from anyone else. Together, we craft a psychedelic therapy journey plan specific to you.

Some questions I may ask you... 

Have you worked with non ordinary states of consciousness before? (meditation, breathwork, therapy)

  • What is your intention?

  • Are you on medications and are you interested in coming off of them?

  • Are you ready to deal with some potential instability in your life while doing this work?

  • If an unexpected difficult memory came through, how do you think you would respond to that?

2. Journey

The journey itself can look a number of ways from journeying with the support of a guide or facilitator, to a group retreat or at home with a friend or a sitter. What's important is being informed about why you have chossen to go the route you have. Your why or intention will clarify what type of journey to do. Psychedelic therapy is a process, not a destination, it is best to do this when you have ample time to be with the process. Always have support, whether thats a family member, a close friend, a sitter or a trained professional. 

3. Integration

Some Integration tools I may invite you to do

  • Journaling your experience, 

  • Spending time in nature

  • Incorporating a daily practice or meditation based on your journey's insights

A few best practice tips after a journey:

  • Only watch supportive uplifting media for a couple weeks after your journey. 

  • Large crowds and loud noises may be overwhelming, Spend time in nature instead.

  • Share your experience only with people you know are going to support you and uplift your experience.  

Psychedelic integration is the secret key to lasting transformation in psychedelic therapy. It is the important aftercare process of working with the insights and experiences from your psychedelic journeys to incorporate them into your daily life, fostering healing, transformation and growth. It is the  crucial step that helps you make sense of profound experiences, process challenging events, and harness the transformation power of the experience for lasting positive change.

Past Difficult Psychedelic Experiences ?

If you have had a difficult psychedelic journey in your past, you are not alone! The experience can be worked with, supported and healed wether it happened a week, a month, or a year ago. Relief can be found. Please reach out if this has happened to you.  


Ari is trained and certified as a psilocybin facilitator through InnerTrek's Oregon Certified training program. 

I Shine Healing in no way promotes, condones, or facilitates the use, purchase, sale or transfer of any illegal substance nor does Ari Shine or I Shine Healing encourage or condone partaking in any unlawful activities. The material on this website is strictly for educational and harm reduction purposes only. By engaging with I Shine Healing you are agreeing that Ari Shine and I Shine Healing take no responsibilities for your actions. If you are choosing to take psychedelic substances, please do so responsibly.

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