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About Ari

About Ari


Ari brings a multitude of skillsets to her work as a Somatic and Psychedelic Counseling Practitioner. Her last 4 years of working at a Suicide Prevention hotline working for numerous crisis and county lines has given her the skills to support anyone in a mental health crisis. She is trained in ASIST (Applied Intervention Suicide Skill’s Training) Motivational Interviewing and many other skills for supporting anyone at high risk. This is a valuable toolset to have when it comes to working with psychedelic journeys that many guides don’t have. There are times when a journey can surface deep wounding, places of deep fear and dread and unless one is working with a skilled supporter in navigating these areas, such experiences can be retraumatizing.


Ari is certified under InnerTrek's psilocybin facilitator training as a psilocybin facilitator and  brings to the healing table her Somatic Experiencing Practitioner certification, the most informed process for healing trauma and PTSD. This style of therapy is used in MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association of Psychedelic Studies) psychedelic research for its ability to bridge the expanded experience of the psychedelic journey with the body's typical nervous system state. By working closely with the body's inner landscape of sensations, emotions and motoric physiology, it skillfully weaves the two together supporting new patterning of the body’s neural networks and nervous system. It is a perfect way to forge together the greater experience of the psychedelic journey into the everyday living experience for deep transformation and lasting change.

Ari further brings her life coaching skills from her past to bring to the table the discussion of what a new future can look like for each individual client from what they have experienced. With these tools, Ari does not just look at healing the past but supports her clients in what is newly possible for their future. Most importantly, Ari brings herself. She brings her whole heart to this work. Since a young age she has known the realm of healing would be her work. But only through her own healing journey and self discovery did she learn exactly how she would show up to do this in the world. Ari has been blessed to work with a spiritual Master from India for the past 14 years supporting her inner journey in working with Spirit and Self.

Ari's Approach



Ari’s intention is to support all who come to her in their healing and expansion process. Ari opens her heart to supporting all humans from all walks of life. She believes the moment of true healing will be when all beings on the Earth have been given a chance to heal. Her arms are open to those that are ready, that hear the calling and that wish to move towards the process of inner transformation. Such a decision can take tremendous courage and it is with humility and loving dedication that Ari supports all who are called to their inner work.

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