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Curious where to begin your journey with psychedelic therapy? Together let's talk about what is the right psychedelic for you, how to prepare for best results, how to come back from the journey, and most importantly how to navigate the trauma healing process.
Hi I'm Ari
Compassionate, Empowering, Authentic

As a trauma informed somatic practitioner and a psychedelic therapy specialist, I am here to support you in your journey back towards healing, wholeness and joy. Using the most cutting edge therapy style to date (Let's be real, talk therapy is outdated) Here you will resolve more in one hour of somatic based therapy than years (and I mean years) of talk therapy.

I can help you if...

You have done talk therapy (maybe for years) and are ready to try something different.

You have heard of somatic based therapy and would like to know more.

You feel disconnected and want more intimacy or close relationships but can't seem to get it.

You could use some support working through some big difficult events from your past. 

You feel aspects of your childhood are holding you back from you who want to be today.

You are using unhealthy coping strategies you want to change but can't get yourself to do it, or you make a change but it doesn't last. (I get it, willpower is NOT the solution)


You want to feel a new sense of empowerment over your life and struggles.

You want to feel safe in your body.

you want to feel empowered to speak your truth, to set healthy boundaries,

You want to learn how to make you a priority in your life.


You are curious if psychedelic therapy could be a fit for you?

You have watched 'How to Change Your Mind,' but don't know what the next step is for you.

You are interested in taking psilocybin but deal with a lot of anxiety and are not sure if that's the right medicine for you.

You have done a journey or multiple and could use some help with integrating it into your everyday life.

You have had a psychedelic experience and are feeling worse afterwards instead of better, (increased, fear, sensitivity, panic attacks, emotional rollercoaster.) (Don't worry, you're not alone, I can help you too.)

My Unique Approach
Wild Path

Wether you are looking to work with plant medicine or without, working with me will be a path of self discovery, by learning the road map of your body's own innate intelligence and understanding the internal survival strategies your body has been playing out.


As a guide who has learned the internal map of trauma and healing, I meet you where you are at and together we navigate your lived experience, uncovering what is still stuck deep within you, (creating those uncomfortable feelings you are currently experiencing) How to work with your body's intelligence to resolve survival responses that are no longer serving you. This leads to a natural, spontaneous shift within you that can lead to 'Aha' moments, new found clarity, new sense of ease, flow and freedom within.


Learn more about...
Kind words happy clients are saying

I worked with Ari to integrate a mushroom ceremony I did on my own. With her gentle guidance, I was able to connect to a much deeper understanding of the experience, how it related to my life, and how I could use this newfound understanding to create posititive change in my day to day experience. 

John, New York

You are Here for a Reason.

You are ready to evolve, to heal, to grow, to expand. To realize your highest potential and magnetize the life you want. 

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